Advice To Future Self…

TOP 10.

Whilst studying at my last year of university I was given a mentor by Student Finance – Disabled Students Allowance to help me keep on top of my work and manage my stress levels due to my Lupus.

My mentor was so helpful and lovely to me and I don’t think i would have been able to complete my degree without her.

Anyways, at the end of the academic year my mentor and I came up with a top 10 advice list for my future self – in education and in general.

with the 1st one being the most important and a piece of advice that I constantly tell myself everyday.. 


  2. winter’s can be particularity difficult: stay healthy, keep warm and rest up (including light stimulation and hobbies, reading, photography).
  3. when times are good, take advantage and do as much as you can (but don’t over do it!)
  4. try to be “ahead” or “on top” of things – so bad times aren’t as stressful.
  5. lots of background reading reaps loads of rewards later.
  6. keep things ticking over – even doing just a little is better than nothing.
  7. exercise makes everything better
  8. give myself more time for writing
  9. Be braver socially (because I had stopped socializing!)
  10. Ask for help when necessary!asking for help has always been something I’ve struggled with, even in school if I didn’t understand I would never ask for help I would just sit and not understand. Over time as I’ve had to be more dependent on my family I’ve come to realise that asking for help when needed is crucial for me.

Tsharna Ama Katsina

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