A Trip Down Memory Lane.

Its funny to think that around this time two years ago (feb/march/april 2014) my Lupus symptoms started, well they became more apparent to me with my arm locking at a right angle unable to move it in any way. Resulting in me having to drop out of cheerleading competition (I still competed in dance hiphop- it was a struggle, we placed 2nd) BCA University Nationals March 2014 was the last competition I ever took part in.


Then this time last year (feb/march 2015) I was at my worst, I had infection after infection that I couldn’t get rid of, spent a whole month in bed and missed out on so much university.

My doctor could see that I was making no progress on the current medication I was on (Prednisolone, Hydroxychloroquine, Methotrexate and Folic Acid) and thought it was best if I tried a new medication called Rituximab, in conjunction with all my other medications. I spent two whole days in hospital connected to a drip receiving this medication, it wasn’t nice but my family came to see me and keep me company.

And to be honest I’m so glad I agreed to having this medication, it was 100% worth it. It worked. I was able to wake up without aching, attend university, go back to being some sort of ‘normal’ and living a kind of ‘normal’ life.

It has now just gone the 1st of april 2016, I am up, feeling good, exercising again and have just competed in my second cheerleading competition since I gave it up. competing with Sparks AllStars – Glimmer BCA Nationals 2016, where we took home the GOLD. I am so so happy to have been able to do this and winning with such an amazing team was unreal!


As I said in ’10 Random Things About Me’ positivity is key and I have had a positive attitude towards my situation which I believe has got me where I am today.

Tsharna Ama Katsina

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