Hello March..

Sooo February has been and gone, although it was a great month with many ups – in order a long weekend break to Portugal with my mumma, legacy cheerleading competition & seeing drake.


So me and my mummy took a trip to a lovely part of Portugal, Algarve – Vilamoura.

the weather was beautiful, the views were amazing and the food was even better – we enjoyed lots of walking, exploring the town, attempting to play family golf (I won) and enjoying the hotel spa everyday. It was a well needed break.




Family Golf Park


Portugal ’17 T&K



Valentines Day



Missed Cheer Training So I Pulled A Scale On the Beach



Morning Views


was amazing, I loved every minute of it (that I can remember)

Legacy Cheerleading Competition

My Cheerleading Squad ‘Sparks Allstars Glimmer’ attended the Legacy “Just Believe” competition. It was a long tiring day but all the hard work paid off as we placed 2nd.

On the downside –

Although February was filled with lots of ups, it has also featured downs (in which life normally does) At the beginning of Feb I started struggling with my breathing I was unsure whether this was down to my Lupus or my Asthma, I myself put it down to my Asthma and started to take my inhalers again. However time went on and my breathing didn’t appear to be getting better to the point where I had what I thought was an asthma attack. Long story short I ended up in A&E over night because I couldn’t breathe. I was told my chest was clear and given a nebuliser anyway – which of course didn’t help because ‘my chest was clear’ after lots of tests and observations I was sent home with antibiotics (I had an allergic reaction to these the next day) and told to come back for an appointment… At my appointment I was told the issues I have been having could be down to a chest infection or a blood clot on my lungs – given a course of antibiotics and steroids – I HATE STERIODS WITH A PASSION – and was told I’d be seen in another week to see how I was doing.


On the whole I am feeling better and I am not as breathless as I was before which is great. So hopefully all will be good news.

I’m excited for what this new month of March has to bring & praying that March is filled with new blessings more life & good health.

Tsharna Ama Katsina



2 thoughts on “Hello March..

  1. Awww did not realise you went i to hospital! Wishing you full recovery soon and I hope you’re doing much better


    • Thank you Christel, unfortunately I’m back to square one now being off the medication & I’m in and out of the hospital at the moment – but I will get better in Jesus’ name Amen! X


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